Das Ende der unvereinbaren Gegensätze: 12 überraschende Lösungen für Menschen, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Co-working spaces in the holiday paradise, chip implants in the human body or self-regulating companies are future scenarios that have become reality. “Work & Leisure”, “Man & Machine”, “Economy & Ecology” are inevitably merging. “Humanizing” things and “reifying” people. If opposites are no longer opposites, a new metatrend arises.

In their book  “The End of  Incompatible Opposites,” the authors Stefanie Kuhnhen and Markus von der Lühe explain how this new meta-trend is becoming an opportunity for resourceful companies: The authors present a completely new kind of non-fiction book somewhere between Philosophie-, Business – and concrete how-to book is to settle. Thus, even the book itself already corresponds to the meta-trend that they rewrite, which will encompass us all and everything: “How, as a result of digitization, the polarities in our society, as well as in the business world, will dissolve and become integral thinking and action forces. “

When companies understand, that is, the employees, because they are the company to broaden their awareness and think beyond the purely factual measurable and act, they will lift untold potentials that are already dormant in them and that will delight and share their customers. The authors present 12 concrete recommendations for action that simply and clearly explain how companies can (and should) do this today.

After all, the problems of digitization are not solved by digitization alone, but by a completely new integral way of thinking more openly, acting and reorganizing and setting up companies. As one of the 12 solutions, the authors specifically suggest using KEIs (Key Emotional Indicators) to complement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), corporate culture as a strong weapon in the war of talent, and a competitive advantage in an ever-faster race for innovation to use for yourself. And they shed light on what blockchain technology can bring benefits to any business, and what you can do today to learn and capitalize on these benefits. The authors also present novel thinking models such as the “Integration Index” and the “Journey of Integration”,

“The end of irreconcilable opposites” makes every entrepreneur fit for the future. With a fascinating mixture of background, practice, expertise and personal examples, the two practitioners from the creative, start-up and corporate world, both nationally and internationally, talk about how entrepreneurs and employees should develop in concrete terms to make their company more capable, multi-optional and thus more efficient more resilient in an ever faster digital world. Because it is one thing to build a digital infrastructure – but the other to adapt your own way of thinking and acting to an increasingly intertwined, faster, more complex (business) world.


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